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Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamp 2021 - 2021 edition - colour illustrations and prices - completely revised with updated prices, images and text on many items. They use Scott numbering and included detailed listings of Canadian postage, Back-of-the-Book, Postal Stationery, Booklets, All stamp issues from the former colonies of are included with comprehensive specialized listings for stamps, numeral cancellations and plate proofs for each - Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, British Columbia & Vancouver Island - Semi-official Airs, Duck/Wildlife, Yearbooks, etc. This is the universally recognized specialized reference catalogue for Canadian Postage stamps. This catalogue and price guide uses the established Scott Publishing number system with Unitrade’s own sub-numbering for the more specialized varieties and stamp issue formats starting in 1851 until the Bears issue of July 2019 (Scott #3191-94) is included in all formats -singles, Plate blocks, miniature sheets, uncut press sheets etc. Market valuation prices are included for both Mint stamps and used stamps including the detailed sub varieties for shades, printing method variations, and paper varieties. For earlier issues, prices for individual stamps are broken down by condition grade such as VF, Fine, VG etc, and for Mint stamps by grades of NH (Never Hinged), H (previously hinged), NG (no Gum), and used/cancelled stamps by VF, F, VG. Also included are prices for postal history covers & first day covers. . spiral bound 11x8.5 - 760 pages - new suggested retail - 55.95 CAD

Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue 8th Edition- NEW 8th edition - illustrations and prices - spiral bound 9x6 171pg - 22.95

Webb's Postal Stationery Catalogue of Canada and Newfoundland by E. L. Covert and W. C. Walton - 8th edition -now available in full colour with many new additions, including: Major price revisions New issues listed through 2018- Thousands of illustrations now in full colour: Prestamped post cards, envelopes, letter cards, wrappers, aerogrammes and much more. Many new categories now include: Post Office Santa Claus cards and envelopes, 1899 Vancouver view cards, Returned Dead Letters, Lowe-Martin Create a Post Card Post Office Advertising Cards - 84.95


Standard Catalogue of Canadian Booklet Stamps by B. McCann - 3rd edition - illustrations and prices - spiral bound 9x6, 204pg - 14.00

Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue by E. S. J. van Dam - 2017 edition (Completely revised, updated) - 1200 colour illustrations and new prices - spiral bound 9x6 214pg - All currently known revenue stamps of Canada & Provinces as well as wildlife conservation are listed and illustrated in colour. The catalogue features the accepted Van Dam revenue numbering system ** included in this catalogue - Bill stamps, Gas Inspection, Electric Light Inspection, Electricity & Gas Inspection, Weights & Measures, Supreme Court, Law stamps, Customs Duty, War Tax, Wine strips, Excise tax, War Savings, Consular Fee, Medicine, Playing Card, Postal Note & Scrip, Unemployment insurance, Petroleum labels, Revenue Meters, Vacation Pay, Tobacco Tax, Inland Revenue, Money Order tax, Transportation tax, National Savings - 29.95 SOLD OUT

Return to Sender: Devices used to identify Service Suspended mails during WWII - by Michael Deery - Books dealing with the subject of suspension of mail in wartime are few and far between. This book collects much of the journal and exhibit data and puts it into one resource. The introduction of the book identifies language/terminology to assist with different aspects of stoppe mail, intercepted mail and/or delayed mail. The book deals with Implied suspensions of mail services, suspension of mail services for British Commonwealth, US and countries worldwide and then unidentified markings. This is considered an ongoing project for the author and additional submissions to the author are welcome - spiral bound - b/w illustration throughout - softcover 27.5 cm x 21.5 cm 262 pages - 39.95 Out-of-Print

Field Guide to the Cinderella Stamps of Canada - Ronald G. Lafreniere - This little Guide is a first attempt to describe in a systematic manner the more common or interesting Cinderella stamps of Canada. It is a useful resource full of interesting facts, profusely illustrated and researched, with indications of market values and scarcity. So whether you're a novice collector or seasoned dealer, this Guide will certainly enlighten and entertain you, and hopefully encourage you to enter the world of Cinderella stamp collecting. The Field Guide describes a total of 769 separate stamp issues, representing over 5400 different stamps. Each stamp is described textually, with information on perforation, gum, size, scarcity and market value. Catalogue numbers are assigned. Literature references pertaining to the stamps are also indicated when known. Finally, nearly all stamps are illustrated in color. A 7 page index allows readers to identify stamps based on dates, names or slogans. Each chapter is organized either alphabetically or chronologically - 2nd edition (author signed copies while available) - illustrations and prices - spiral bound 9x6, 234pg - 81.95 New edition - SOLD OUT - Out-Of-Print -

Catalogue of Canadian Railway Cancellations and Related Railway Postmarks including Selected Waterway Postmarks , 2009 by Ross D. Gray. ‘The Catalogue of Canadian Railway Cancellations and Related Railway Postmarks including Selected Waterway Postmarks’, the much anticipated successor to the 1982 Ludlow RPO catalogue, is now available. At 336 pages, it is packed with almost 30 years’ worth of additions to the database of Canadian RPO knowledge, including many new listings and new dates. In his Preface to the book, W.G. (Bill) Robinson, OTB, Chairman of the Canadian RPO Study Group, writes, “Lew Ludlow’s 1982 Catalogue of Canadian Railway Cancellations and Related Transportation Postmarks has been in use now for 27 years. Lack of space to insert new listings into the numbering sequence meant that train runs were no longer grouped together in alphabetical or chronological order. It was becoming increasingly difficult to insert new listings in any logical order and equally difficult for users to find after new listings were numbered.”
The major change is that all listings have been renumbered, with the old catalogue number shown in the right hand column of the page. Because the old listings were usually sequential, in many cases it is relatively easy to go down the right column to the old number, then across to the new one. Among the many other improvements are listings that have been reorganized chronologically within each run to present a more historical perspective, Registered cancellations now listed with the contemporary regular postmarks, and the Rarity Factor changed from a numerical format to an alphabetical scheme. Separating listings with headers identifying the run will make it easier to find a particular postmark in the larger sections. The Steamer section has been removed because it is being included in a volume being prepared by others.
RPO collectors and the dealers who help them find material will be very pleased to see the new catalogue. They all owe a great deal of thanks to the members of the RPO Study Group Committee who made this book happen this year, and especially to Ross Gray who pulled together thousands of pieces of new information and blended it all together into the work being released today - Spiral Bound, 336 pages, 8.5 x 11. $74.95 SPRING SPECIAL - $55.00 SOLD (new edition coming soon)

Special Delivery - Canada's Postal Heritage - 2000 by C. Amyot, B. Gendreau and J. Willis - Beautiful, well illustrated coffee table book - For more than three hundred years, the history of our postal service been closely linked with the development of Canada. Postal communications have helped Canadians keep in touch from the days when letters were passed from hand to hand by travellers, to the lightning fast electronic mail of today. Special Delivery: Canada’s Postal Heritage is a lavishly illustrated hard cover book with historic, artistic, architectural and philatelic content. The history of the postal service is covered from the very beginnings through the colonial era, Confederation, and the World Wars through to the computer era. Archival photographs and illustrations accompany pictures of unique antiques and artifacts from the collection of the Canadian Postal Museum including pens, inkwells and furniture. For more than one hundred and fifty years, Canadian postage stamps have illustrated the history, people and events important to this country. The book covers about twenty stamps representative of our heritage. The illustrations and stories of these diminutive works of art will appeal to both the neophyte collector and the dedicated philatelist. Canada’s Postal Service fuels the nation's economy and delivers hundreds of millions of communiqués and contributes billions of dollars to the economy. Special Delivery shows the history of how this mail is, and was, transported. Whether delivery was by foot, sled, coach, boat, train, plane or modem, ingenuity and adaptability have been the keys to overcoming Canada’s many diverse climatic and geographic obstacles. Throughout our country the distinct architectural styles of our post office buildings reflect our heritage. Whether located in a small general store or an imposing granite edifice, the post office is a focal point for the community it serves. Special Delivery examines the architecture, location and function of the buildings that symbolize our postal heritage. From horseback and canoe to courier and electronic services, the people who move our mail have relied on the best available ways of delivering mail. But past or present, it is those individuals that are the most important element of the postal service. For hundreds of years our postmasters, letter carriers, sorters, drivers and other dedicated employees have delivered not only letters, but medicine, fruit, dynamite, tools and all manner of material vital to Canadians. Special Delivery: Canada’s Postal Heritage is the first major illustrated history of our postal system. It is one of those very few "must have" items this season for anyone interested in Canadian heritage - hardcover 150 pg - $35.00

Canadian Meter Postage Stamp Catalogue by Ross W. Irwin - 2nd edition - illustrations and prices - staple bound 8x5, 68pg - 4.00 Out-of-Print

New Specialized Catalogue of Canada Post Official First Day Covers by Chung + Narbonne - 3rd edition - illustrations and prices - spiral bound 11x8.5, 179pg - 21.00 SALE PRICE $10.00

The Transitional Decade From Sail to Steam on the North Atlantic, 1991 by Arnell, J.C.. Transatlantic Mail Handbook #3. 135+ illustrations of covers from the Arnell collection - 1st edition-135+ illustrations, 8.5x11, Soft Cover, 111 pp. - 19.95Out-of-Stock

Major E.R. Toop Collection of Canadian Military Postal History - Volume One, 1996 by McGuire, C.R. & Narbonne, R.F. . Volume One: to the end of the Second World War. - 8.5x11, Spiral Bound, 484 pp. - SOLD

Major E.R. Toop Collection of Canadian Military Postal History - Volume Two, 1996 by McGuire, C.R. & Narbonne, R.F. . Volume Two: Post-Second World War - 8.5x11, Spiral Bound, 292 pp. - SOLD

Darnell, Stamps of Canada, through 1993 - larger Errors-freaks-oddities section (used) - 262 pages, in color, spiral binding, 10.00

Darnell Canadian EFO's - Error, Freaks and Oddities - Canadian Philatelic E.F.O.'s - By Lyse Rousseau. 3rd edition, (current edition) 2005. - It contains the most complete summary of varieties available - Its illustrations of the varieties are detailed and very good - In many cases these are placed side-by-side with the regular stamp for comparison - Most of the stamps illustrated are selected examples - All varieties are priced, both mint and used - the excellence of the illustrations. Illustrations of re-entries, of hairlines, of freaks, missed perforations, paper folds, missing colours, inverted and missing inscriptions - Full colour spiral bound. Definitive listing of Canadian misprints $39.99 English edition Out-of-Print

Darnell Canadian EFO's - Error, Freaks and Oddities - Canadian Philatelic E.F.O.'s - By Lyse Rousseau. 2nd edition, (Millennium edition) 2000 - It covers a wide range of constant and inconstant varieties, tagging, paper and colour varieties, plus other freaks and oddities. - Its illustrations of the varieties are detailed and very good - In many cases these are placed side-by-side with the regular stamp for comparison - Most of the stamps illustrated are selected examples - All varieties are priced, both mint and used - Illustrations of re-entries, of hairlines, of freaks, missed perforations, paper folds, missing colours, inverted and missing inscriptions - 64 page glue bound book, illustrated in colour SOLD

Warwick Bros. & Rutter Picture Postcard Handbook 1903-1912 by Michael J. Smith - In the early part of the 20th century, Warwick Bros. & Rutter was one of Canada’s most important book publishers and our “big kahuna” in the postcard business. While many Canadian publishers relied almost entirely on imported postcards from Europe, Warwick was a colour printing trailblazer on this side of the Atlantic and produced thousands of “Made in Canada” cards. • 4,470 Warwick view cards, catalogued by province/territory, city/town, and card number • 2,901 fancy postcards (patriotic, artist-signed, etc.) broken into 60 distinct series • A history of Warwick Bros. & Rutter • Approximately 400 high resolution postcard images, most full scale (actual size) • An appendix with over 1,000 postcards sorted by subject (First Nations, railways, etc.) • An index of over 500 cities & towns so you can locate views of the old homestead! - 6.5 by 9 inches soft cover, Perfect bound; 402 pages $32.00 Out-of-Print

W.G. (William Godsoe) MacFarlane Picture Postcard Handbook 1902-1910 by Michael J. Smith - W.G. (William Godsoe) MacFarlane was one of Canada’s most prolific publishers in the early part of the 20th century. After gaining early success with the production of Souvenir View Albums, in 1902 he began publishing picture postcards and, within a short span, he released an amazing array of beautiful postcard designs. This publication presents the “best of MacFarlane” and includes: • Signed and unsigned art cards, featuring the works of Canadian, American and German artists, illustrators and cartoonists • Thematic-type cards showing native Canadians and Americans, cowboys and cowgirls, stage actors and actresses, comic scenes, etc. • Patriotic and heraldic cards with full colour symbols (flags, crests, etc.) embossed onto early views • Greeting cards (Christmas, Easter, Birthday, etc.) • Novelty cards with fancy borders, inserts, medallions and the like. - 6.5 by 9 inches soft cover; 124 pages $32.00

The Canadian Patriotic Postcard Checklist 1898-1928 by Michael J. Smith - A Postcard Collecting Classic! • Winner in 2004 of a Silver-Bronze Medal at NAPEX (Virginia), and Vermeil Medal at CHICAGOPEX. • Top reviews in APS, RPSC, PHSC, CPSGB, RPSL & PPM journals. • Contains over 350 pages of Patriotic Postcards, Publisher info & card values! • Introduces the Patriotic Postcard Numbering System. • Every postcard is shown in full, glorious colour. • Over 150 postcard publishers represented. • An invaluable reference for collectors, historians, veterans and libraries. • Durable sewn binding and laminated cover designed to last a lifetime! - 8.5 by 11 inches; 372 pages; soft cover; sewn binding $54.95

Postal History of the Postcard in Canada by A. Steinhart - 2nd printing - illustrations - glue bound 8x5 65pg - 20.00

Canadian Picture Postcard Catalogue 1992 by W. Gutzman - 2nd edition - b/w illustrations and prices - glue bound 6x9 95pg - 7.00Out-of-Print

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British Commonwealth

Stanley Gibbons COMMONWEALTH & BRITISH EMPIRE STAMPS 1840-1970 - 2020 ed. - his Stanley Gibbons comprehensive catalogue covers Great Britain, Commonwealth and Empire countries 1840-1970. The listings include variations in watermark, perforation, paper and printing methods, major shades, watermark varieties, important plate flaws, errors, government telegraph stamps and booklets (all listed and priced). KEY SELLING FEATURES: • The authoritative reference source for GB and Commonwealth information – all stamps from 1840-1970 listed and priced. • To help readers avoid buying forgeries or fakes, or stamps with forged postmarks, there is helpful information on identification. • Strengthened, casebound binding for extra durability. • Unique listing by SG number. • Full colour illustrations. • Invaluable six-page article on stamp condition. • Prices have been carefully and extensively revised throughout the catalogue and there are increases, some of them quite significant, throughout all periods and territories. India and States and Australian states see widespread price rises, while the stamps if the first half of the 20th century see rises in most areas, both mint and used. Errors and many plate flaws and watermark varieties are also generally marked up. • Whether you are an active buyer of Commonwealth stamps, a dealer or an investor, it is vital to be right up to date with this very active market – and there is no more up-to-date reference than the 2020 ‘Part 1’ . IMPORTANT ADDITIONS TO THE 2020 EDITION: •The Rhodesia King George V ‘Admirals’ have been considerably expanded to include a further head die, as well as varieties such as the ‘Waxed moustache’ and ‘Striped collar’. There are clear enlarged illustrations and notes providing guidance on identification and the prices put on some of the newly listed stamps will make this section especially well worth looking at. Other important changes and additions affect Australia, Iraq, New Zealand, Pakistan and Zululand. •Further prices have been given for high face-value stamps with fiscal cancellations and a start has been made (in India) in pricing telegraphically used stamps, making the 2020 edition an essential purchase for the active Commonwealth collector - 122nd edition - full colour - hardcover - 688 pg 12x8.5 in - $165.00

Australasian Stamp Catalogue 32nd Edition Volume 1 - covers all Stamps issued Australian up to February 2017, and Australian Antarctic Territory, Cocos Islands and Christmas Island up to December 2016 Brand New edition - 400 pages, New A4 format Covers Australia, AAT, Christmas & Cocos (Keeling) Islands Stamps, FDCs, Packs, Year Books and Postal Stationery Illustrated in Full Colour Our price is only $89.95 CAD ($74.95 USD) SPECIAL - $60.00

BRITISH COMMONWEALTH REVENUES by J. Barefoot - NEW! This is the standard illustrated priced guide to revenue stamps of the British Commonwealth, all countries from Abu Dhabi through to Zululand, (except the UK itself which is in a separate catalogue). This new edition is in full colour for the first time and has grown to 410 pages. 9th edition published 2012. -SOLD OUT

UNITED KINGDOM REVENUES by J. Barefoot - This is the 5th edition of the standard revenue book formerly called "United Kingdom Revenues". The new title reflects the wide scope of coverage, listing the adhesive revenues of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland in the British period, and the Channel Islands. Apart from the general purpose revenues (used on deeds, conveyances etc), about 100 special purpose ("appropriated") revenue stamp categories exist, ranging from Additional Medicine Duty to Winchester Courts. An introductory explanation is given in each case to provide the background behind the tax. From the social history point of view, revenue stamps provide a fascinating clue to how the taxman found ingenious ways to deprive the rich of their wealth at different stages of history. In the 18th century, cocoa, snuff, hats, dice, wigs, dogs and footmen were all taxed (with adhesive or impressed revenues, although fortunately for the last two "products", it was only the licence that had to bear the stamp, not the actual animal or person). Regular adhesive revenues are listed in full, illustrated in colour, and priced for fiscally used. Many price changes since the previous edition.
This is a second printing (2012) of this 5th edition, due to high demand. 180 pages in full colour, card cover -

Pierron's Modern Great Britain & Commonwealth Missing Colour Errors Pierron's Modern Great Britain & Commonwealth Missing Colour Errors details, illustrates and values every known missing colour error from Queen Elizabeth II's reign (1952 to date). Complete descriptions accompany high quality colour images. Normal stamps appear alongside errors for easy reference. Known or estimated quantities are listed. Genuine market prices, based on dealer sales and auction results, are included. How errors occurred, where and when they were found, and other significant information also appears.
Get the facts. When, where, how... Details about the discoveries. The full story as originally reported and recorded, and updates as appropriate. When and where found, insights into how errors occurred, what was affected, and other vital information. Here is a page for Canada: and here is a page for Great Britain:
In addition to images of normals and their associated missing colour errors, selected sheets and panes, numerous positional pieces, and important multiples are illustrated. Over 2,500 quality colour images included.
Values for all recorded formats of every error are included: mint, used, first day cover, traffic light block, plate/cylinder block, booklet pane, sheet.
Get the figures. How many, how much... Know what exists and in what quantity. Plus the prices being achieved at auction. The amounts dealers are demanding. And sensible rates for items which haven't surfaced for many years, or are artificially low or unrealistically high - now out-of-print $145.00 Out-of-print


2020 Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue • The ever-popular Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Catalogue continues to provide the perfect guide for the collector seeking more comprehensive information on Great Britain stamps than provided by the Collect British Stamps checklist, without the highly detailed coverage of the five-volume Specialised series. The 2020 edition has been extensively updated with all prices reviewed and revised in line with the current market. Priced listings of definitives, commemoratives, regionals, postage dues, departmental officials, postal fiscals, first day covers, miniature sheets, booklets, specimens and post office ‘Smiler’ sheets. Priced listings of watermark varieties, major plate varieties, missing colours, phosphor, embossing and imperforate errors. Priced listings of Post Office Telegraph stamps, including watermark varieties, major errors and specimens. Priced listings for all booklet panes, including single value panes and those with inverted watermarks up to 1967. Commemorative design index included. Listings are complete from May 1840 to 31 March 2020. Helpful introductory notes. PHQ card and presentation pack listings include Royal Mail reference codes for easy identification. The Machin definitives are amalgamated in an easy-to-find separate section and fully updated. The highly collectable source and date codes are individually priced. Listings of popular Post & Go stamps are brought right up to date, with clear notes describing stamps from different machines and the Type IIIA stamps from Royal Mail Series II machines are fully listed and priced. Separate illustrated tables give details of those only available at exhibitions and museums. Further improvements to the Machin and Post & Go sections make the 2020 Concise the perfect catalogue for the modern GB collector, as well as the more traditional philatelist.

New For This Edition The Queen Victoria line-engraved issues have been revised and updated in line with the forthcoming volume of the Great Britain Specialised Catalogue. New listings added this year include the ‘Spectacles’ variety on the Plate 4 2d. blue. Security Machin, Post & Go and modern booklet tables all brought up to date by John Deering. Additional postage rate tables give contemporary values for all NVI stamps from 2010, including Post & Go, Recorded, Signed for and Special Delivery issues. Providing the current postal values of such NVI stamps, the information will be of value to modern postal historians and also identifies the original purpose of each Machin definitive. - 35th edition - colour illustrations and prices -glue bound 9.5x6.75 -5360 pg - $74.95

Stanley Gibbons Collect British Stamps 2019 - 70th edition - Simplified full colour price listing of every mint and used British stamp from the 1840 Penny Black to Christmas 2018. Contains all commemorative designs illustrated for ease of use with fully updated listings of the popular Post & Go Stamps and a fully priced list of Royal Mail Philatelic, Numismatic and Medallic covers - Provides a straightforward simplified, richly illustrated listing of all British stamps - Contains latest stamp values - Features high quality stamp images throughout - All commemorative designs are illustrated - Oustanding value - Are you keen to understand the Sg numbering system? All is explained in this catalogue - New for this edition: • Complete listings of all 2018 issues. • Prices have been carefully reviewed throughout. There are increases in all sections, but also a large number of reductions, bringing catalogue prices into line with today’s competitive market. • The ‘Security’ Machins (with ‘U’ number prefixes) have been completely renumbered in order to remove suffix letters and to minimise future changes. A complete listing, cross-referencing former and new numbers is provided.- The catalogue is 235 pages long, with every issue illustrated in colour.......and boy, is that ever helpful!! - glue bound 9.5x6.7 235pg - 44.00 Out-of-stock

Great Britain SPECIALISED VOL 2 - King Edward VII to King George VI - 14TH EDITION - Publication July 2015. This multi-award winning catalogue is the standard reference work for specialist collectors of popular "Four Kings" period of British Philately, from 1902-1952. Background information given for all issues, with full details of plate markings, sheet arrangements, inks, papers and shades, with helpful guidance on identification. Essays, proofs and colour trials listed and priced. Many plate flaws illustrated and priced and numerous shades, not listed in the GB Concise catalogue, also priced mint and used. Detailed listings of control numbers and marginal plate markings provided for the specialist. Booklet panes, postage dues, officials and Channel Island occupation issues all fully listed. Appendixes cover perforators, booklets, specimen overprints, protective un derprints and inland postage rates. Prices are given for mounted, unmounted and fine used examples for the period from 1902 to 1935 and for unmounted and used thereafter. On cover prices are also given for Edward VII issues - cloth bound 10x6.75 336pg - 118.00

Great Britain Specialised VOL.4 10th Edition - Following advice it has been decided to divide the former volume 4 into two seperate volumes, fast bound, to match Volumes 1- 3 in this series.The new volume 4 will include all sheet and booklet stamps showing the iconic 'Machin' head, apart from the non-value indicator stamps (NVI's) and self-adhesives, which will be covered in a new Volume 5, along with regionals, postage dues, greeting stamps and other sections of the previous volume 4. The new volume 4 will list all the Machin definitives issued between 1970 and the end of 2007 (except those mentioned above), with booklet panes and complete booklets in the comprehensive detail which collectors have come to expect over the years - glue bound 7.5x6.5 602 pg - 110.00 Out-of-stock

Australia - Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue 11th edition 2018 - Listings for all stamps of Australia, the Australian States and Dependent Territories - Prices for mint and used stamps, Booklets, Postage Dues and Official stamps - Includes Major plate flaws, watermark varieties, errors, paper, watermark and perforation changes and "Specimen" overprints - Full colour illustrations - Comprehensive detail - Hundreds of price changes since last edition - NEW FOR THIS EDITION In Australia there is a new note giving assistance in distinguishing between the three single Crown over A watermarks found on the Kangaroo and Map definitives. There are new illustrations, notably in the New South Wales ‘Sydney Views’ and Papua ‘Lakatois’ and a number of additions have been made to the listings of booklets and watermark varieties. New plate varieties include the ‘Falling mailbag’ on the 1931 3d. Airmail stamp of Australia and the ‘Halo’ flaw on the 1d. Coronation stamp of Papua. softcover 366 pages - 6.5x9.5 in size - 75.00 Out-of-stock

Australian Stamp Variations Catalogue This 5th edition has been totally revamped – thanks to the feedback from catalogue owners, Stamp News readers and collectors. Many of the pre-2008 listings have been updated and corrected. Each section has been reformatted and the issue dates added (where known), and we've re-written the Glossary. All “Collectable Stamps” are included (at a cost of over $1300 for the 2008 “Impressions” range!) This catalogue lists the main versions or formats in which Australian decimal stamps were issued – other than the single gummed sheet stamps. Many of these variations are not listed or are hard to find in other catalogues, price lists, bulletins, CDs or websites. Each section now has a new easy-to-read yearly layout. The 12 main variations listed are: Blocks, Strips & Pairs; Gutters; Image; Imperforate; Minisheets; Overprints; Paper; Perforation; Self-adhesive; Sheetlets; Size; Tabs. - over 130 A4 pages and is ‘lay-flat’ spiral bound. - 42.95 SPECIAL - $25.00

Seven Seas Compact Australian Stamp Catalogue: The 2006 edition of the Seven Seas compact catalogue includes a listing of all Australian Pre Decimal and Decimal stamps, Australian first day covers and Australian Antarctic Territory stamps, including a full thematic listing of Australia and AAT stamps.Values of stamps from 1913 - Christmas 2005 - 2006 edition - Full colour photos 344 pages softbound 4.5x6.75 - SOLD OUT

INDIA & STATES STAMP CATALOGUE 4th edition 2013 - The Stanley Gibbons India & States colour catalogue lists and prices the mint and used stamps of India from the earliest issues of Sind Province (1852) and the East India Company (1854-64) to early 2013, to the level of detail familiar to users of our British Commonwealth & Empire catalogue. The catalogue includes details of Indian stamps used abroad, with fully priced listings in several cases, also the stamps of Indian Expeditionary and Custodian forces overseas and the issues of the Indian Convention and Feudatory States. Major plate flaws, watermark varieties, shades, official stamps and booklets are all listed. softcover 356 pages - 6.5x9.5 in size - 69.95

Falkland Islands & Dependencies - Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue 8th edition 2019 - This catalogue lists and prices the stamps of the Falkland Islands, Falkland Islands Dependencies, South Georgia, British Antarctic Territory and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. Details of issues up to 1970 have been extracted from the Stanley Gibbons 2020 Commonwealth and British Empire Stamp Catalogue. Later issues have been updated and re-priced for this edition. New for this edition: There are price rises to be found in most sections up to about 1970, with plate and watermark varieties and shades advancing strongly. The Centenary 1d. ‘Thick serif flaw is up from £375 to £550 mint and the 1950 printing of the King George VI 10s. goes from £500 to £700 used. The introductory notes have been revised and there are additions to the listings of Falkland Islands used in the Dependencies. Watermark varieties, shades, plate flaws, major errors, guide to prices of stamps on cover to 1945 and Falkland Islands booklets and postage due stamps. Softcover - 85pg 6.5x9.5 - $49.95 Out-of-stock

NORTHERN CARIBBEAN, BAHAMAS & BERMUDA STAMP CATALOGUE 4th edition 2016 - This colour stamp catalogue provides detailed price listings for the mint and used stamps of Bahamas, Bermuda, The Cayman Islands (including Jamaica used in The Caymans), Jamaica (including Great Britain used in Jamaica) and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Major plate flaws, watermark varieties and booklets are all listed.
The catalogue has been updated as follows: •Bahamas - Novy 2015 •Bermuda – Sept 2015 •Cayman Islands – May 2015 •Jamaica – Dec 2014 •Turks and Caicos – Dec 2015- softcover 191 pages - 6.5x9.5 in size - 59.95

The Stanley Gibbons Southern and Central Africa Catalogue - 2nd edition 2014 - lists and prices the stamps of British Empire and Commonwealth countries in the area from the earliest issues to date, to the level of detail familiar to users of the Part 1 British Commonwealth listings. The catalogue contains: Botswana: Stellaland 1884-5 British Bechuanaland 1885-93 Bechuanaland Protectorate 1888-1966 Botswana 1966-October 2014 Stamp Booklets Postage Dues Postal Fiscals Lesotho: Basutoland 1933-66 Lesotho 1966-2010 Stamp Booklets Official Stamps Postage Dues Malawi: British Central Africa 1891-1907 Nyasaland Protectorate 1908-54 and â63-4 Malawi 1964-October 2014 Stamp Booklets Postage Dues Mozambique 1995-2014 Namibia: South West Africa 1923-90 Namibia 1990-October 2014 Stamp Booklets Postage Dues Official Stamps Rhodesia: British South Africa Company 1892-1909 Rhodesia 1909-1924 Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1954-64 Stamp Booklets Postage Dues South Africa: Cape of Good Hope 1853-1904 Griqualand West 1874-9 Natal 1857-1909 New republic 1886-7 Orange Free State/River Colony 1868-1909 Transvaal 1870-1909 Zululand 1888-96 British Army Post Offices 1910-61 Union of South Africa 1910-61 Republic of South Africa 1961-August 2014 Bophuthatswana 1977-94 Ciskei 1981-94 Transkei 1976-94 Venda 1979-94 Stamp Booklets Postage Dues Official stamps Swaziland: 1889-92 and 1933-September 2013 Postage Dues Zambia: Northern Rhodesia 1925-53 and 1963 Zambia 1964-August 2014 Stamp Booklets Postage Dues Zimbabwe: Southern Rhodesia 1924-1953 and 1964 Rhodesia 1965-80 Zimbabwe 1980-July 2014 Stamp Booklets Postage Dues New issue listings updated as follows: -Botswana (up to October 2014) -Lesotho (up to April 2010) -Malawi (up to October 2014) -Mozambique (up to 2014) -Namibia (up to October 2014) -South Africa (up to August 2014) -Swaziland (up to September 2013) -Zambia (up to August 2014) -Zimbabwe (up to July 2014) - softcover 398 pages - 6.5x9.5 in size - 79.00 Out-of-stock

East Africa With Egypt & Sudan Stamp Catalogue 4Th Edition: The fourth edition of the Stanley Gibbons East Africa catalogue lists and prices the stamps of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, including British East Africa and Zanzibar. It also includes British Somaliland and the pre-independence issues of Egypt and Sudan, and all issues for use in occupied Italian colonies during World War II. Listings for issues up to 1970 have been extracted from the 2018 Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1870–1970, more recent issues have been specially repriced for this volume. Later new issues have been revised and updated especially for this catalogue: 1. Kenya – updated to September 2017 2. Tanzania – updated to October 2017 3. Uganda – Uganda 2015- softcover 182 pages - 6.5x9.5 in size - 63.95

Brunei, Malaysia & Singapore Stamp Catalogue 5Th Edition: This catalogue provides a comprehensive priced listing of the stamps of Brunei, Malaysia, Malaysian States and Singapore. This latest edition lists and prices the stamps from the earliest colonial issues (detailed below) to the modern issues of Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore. • Brunei (1895), • Straits Settlements (1867), • Federated Malay States (1900), • Johore (1876), • Kedah (1912), • Kelantan (1911), • Sungei Ujong (1878), • Negri Sembilan (1891), • Pahang (1889), • Perak (1878), • Selangor (1881), • Trengganu (1910), • Labuan (1879), • North Borneo (1883) and • Sarawak (1869) The level of detail will be familiar to users of the Part 1 British Commonwealth listings. Many colour illustrations. The stamps overprinted for the British Post Office in Bangkok, priced listings of Indian stamps used in the Straits Settlements, Thai stamps used in Northern Malaya and the various World War II occupation issues are all included. The catalogue contains: 1. British Post Office in Siam (on Straits Settlements stamps) 2. Brunei 3. Japanese Occupation of Brunei 4. Malaysia 5. Straits Settlements 6. Federated Malay States 7. Malayan Postal Union 8. Malaya (British Military Administration) 9. Malayan Federation 10. Malaysia 11. Federal Territory Issues 12. Malaysian States: Johore; Kedah; Kelantan; Malacca; Negri Sembilan; Sungei Ujong; Negri Sembilan; Pahang; Penang; Perak; Perlis; Selangor; Trengganu 13. Siamese Posts in Northern Malaya 14. Japanese Occupation of Malaya 15. Thai Occupation of Malaya 16. Labuan 17. Sabah; North Borneo; Sabah 18. Japanese Occupation of North Borneo 19. Sarawak 20. Japanese Occupation of Sarawak 21. Singapore Prices and details of issues up to 1970 have been taken from Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth and British Empire 2017 Catalogue. Later issues have been specially repriced for this catalogue. New issue listings updated to: 1. Brunei - July 2016 2. Malaysia – October 2016 3. Singapore – November 2016- softcover 256 pages - 6.5x9.5 in size - 63.95

Kiwi Catalogue of New Zealand Revenue and Railway Stamps- 4th ed. , edited by David Smitham - The 48 pp 4th edition is illustrated in colour throughout and contains both simplified and specialised sections of NZ revenue and railway stamps. New sections have been included since the previous edition - long since out of print! They are revenues with experimental separations, fake revenues, ultra high value listings of known denominations, security devices, and wildlife game habitat (aka duck stamps!) issues. Many sections have been expanded not only to include listings of papers and perfs applicable but also reasons for their issue. The introduction includes illustrations of different types of cancellations which may be encountered, the different dies used for the initial series of QV revenues as well as watermarks....."It is almost 11 years since the previous Kiwi catalogue was published containing only a simplified listing of NZ revenues. Whilst I was involved with previous editions of the catalogue - this edition has been thoroughly overhauled with the aim of making it more user friendly rather than a mere priced listing." - David Smitham (Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 9:21 am on - 29.95 SPECIAL $25.00

The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume V (1967) by Collins, Burgess & Watts, with dust jacket - Handbook covering the stamps and postal history of the Pacific Islands under New Zealand administration. Study of the stamps & postal history of the Pacific Islands inc. Cook Islands, Aitutaki, Penrhyn Island, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Ross Dependency, Kermadec, & Auckland Islands. New Zealand postal agencies, air services. Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand (1967) xxix + 818pp + colour plates. 1st ltd. ed. #531 of 1000 copies, fine with torn dustjacket. $250.00

The 1893 New Zealand Advertisement Stamps. An illustrated guide to the identification of advertisements featured on New Zealand Second Sideface stamps. This book contains full positional plates of the complete panes, illustrations of varieties on the side-face stamps and a wealth of other information. By J.A. Robb Spiral bound 148 colour pages. $65.00

ACS Colour Catalogue of New Zealand Stamps 2020 -full colour priced catalogue in checklist format including Antarctica, Health Stamps, Pigeon Post, Ross Dependency, Frama Labels, etc....- 43rd edition - colour illustrations and prices - staple bound 131 pages - 15.00

COLLECTING BRITISH FDC`S 2010 EDITION: Complete from 1840 Penny Black To 2007. Over 6,000 postmark illustrations. Hundreds of first day covers illustrated. Printed on quality gloss art paper. Fantastic price guide for British FDC collectors. All official/sponsored covers are listed. All relevant CDs and slogan postmarks listed. Easy to follow definitive section. Full of helpful tips on collecting FDCs. All 1999-2007 official/sponsored covers are now priced individually. 29th edition - glue bound 9x6 260pg - 45.95

The Connoisseur Catalogue of Machin Stamps and Decimal Definitives - puts emphasis on the explanation of why changes in printing process took place (when known) and what effect those changes had to the stamps or booklets in question, with, hopefully, enough description and illustrations of distinguishing features to make identification of different printings easier. This catalogue is an attempt to make what was even at that date a rapidly growing and increasingly complicated subject. Over the years the catalogue has developed adding extra sections to cater for a constantly evolving and expanding area of collection. It now encompasses almost all areas of Great Britain Machin collecting (the Machin head has also been used extensively on Commonwealth stamps, but these are outside the scope of this publication). It tries to steer a mid course between the relatively straightforward listings seen in general and one-country Great Britain catalogues and the incredibly sophisticated and comprehensive handbooks and study circle notes. This is the final print edition of 1995 (supplement was available in 2001) - glue bound b/w 7.5x6.5 497pg - 77.95 - SOLD OUT

COLLECT BRITISH POSTMARKS CATALOGUE - 8th edition 2011 - This highly anticipated price guide has been updated with a new, easy-to-use layout with clear illustrations throughout and helpful guidance making it easier to find exactly what you need and get the latest prices at your fingertips. Listing the postmarks of Great Britain, this catalogue was produced in collaboration with the British Postmark Society and compiled by a number of leading experts in the field, including Editor Bill Pipe. Get Collect British Postmarks and you will be able to identify any British postmark and determine a minimum value of a cover with a comprehensive number system widely used by postmark collectors. Last published in 1997 this highly anticipated catalogue is available now - glue bound 9x6 378 pg - 69.95

Collect British Postal Stationery - by Alan Huggins and Colin Baker. A simplified listing of British Postal Stationery 1840-2007. This new listing of British postal stationery covers all issues from 1840 to the present day, including Post Office, official and private items. It is illustrated in colour throughout with lists that are clearly set out in a logical format, so that collectors can easily identify their items.The 14 page introduction gives a definition and a brief history of the development of postal stationery, with details of how the listing has been constructed. In most cases prices are given against items for mint and used condition, unless there are too few items on the market for realistic prices to be given. 1st edition - full colour - hardcover - 151 pg 12x8.5 in - 95.00 SOLD OUT

The Indian Post Office in Burma - Gerald Davis - this is the 1987 supplement to Burma Postal History by Gerald Davis & Denys Martin and can still be a useful reference on its own. This well illustrated supplement shows many hand stamps used as well as full cover illustrations. b/w photos 39 pages staple-bound 9.5x7.5 - 8.00

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AUSTRIA REVENUES by J. Barefoot. Standard guide to the revenues of Austria. Includes listings of the "leaf" designs of the classic period, Lombardy, Bosnia, WWI Occupations, the Republic of 1918-1939, Postwar Austria from 1945, plus Regionals and Municipals in separate sections. Illustrated (photos are in black & white) and priced throughout, in standard Barefoot A4 3-column format - 140 pages, 1st edition published 2002. - 35.00 SOLD OUT

BULGARIA & ROMANIA REVENUES by J. Barefoot and Valentin Robu - Standard guide to the revenue stamps of Bulgaria and Romania. The first 40 pages of the book cover the revenues of Bulgaria. As well as the regular issues of Bulgaria from 19th century to recent, there are also listings of special taxes, social fund stamps and similar. Then follow listings of Eastern Rumelia, Thrace, DDSG, and Romania proper. Illustrated (black & white) and priced throughout, usual Barefoot A4 3-column format, 138 pages, 1st edition published 2003. - 35.00

CZECHOSLOVAKIA REVENUES by J. Barefoot - Standard guide to the revenue stamps of Czechoslovakia, from 1919, including WWII Bohemia and Slovakia, through to postwar issues of the two separate Republics. 54 pages, illus black/white, 1st edition published 2001 - 18.00

RUSSIA REVENUES by J. Barefoot - Standard "Barefoot" catalogue listing the revenue stamps of Russia and associated territories, from Imperial period to 1980s. The revenues of the Imperial period are considered among the most beautiful and finely designed revenue stamps of any country. The catalogue then continues with issues of the civil war, Soviet issues, border territories from Armenia and Azerbaijan through to Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Illustrated (black and white, plus two colour plates) and priced throughout. Index in English and in Russian. 108 pages, card cover, 1st edition published 2004 - 35.00

SOUTH EAST ASIA REVENUES by J. Barefoot - Standard priced guide to the revenues of all South East Asia except mainland China. The major countries include Burma, Cambodia, French India, Hong Kong (detailed listings of Bof E and Contract Note types), IndoChina, Indonesia, Japan (including prefecturals), Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands Colonies, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, plus all the smaller territories of the region. It is the first time that so many countries have been grouped into one single volume, and a very useful work to have on the bookshelf for collector or dealer. 287 pages, usual Barefoot A4 3-column format, illustrations in black & white, card cover, 1st edition published 2006 - 55.00

TELEGRAPH STAMPS OF THE WORLD by J. Barefoot - This new catalogue lists telegraph and telephone stamps of the whole world, by country. It is the successor to the old Hiscocks catalogue of 1982. It lists all regular stamps, both those issued by national post offices and those produced by private companies (but does not include prepaid stationery for telegrams, nor telegram seals). It does include telephone stamps, e.g. those of Canada, Great Britain, India-Patiala, Belgium, France etc. In the catalogue, virtually all items are illustrated in full colour, some sections much expanded since Hiscocks, with up-to-date pricing for mint and for used. 140 pages. In the past few years, telegraph stamps have suddenly seen an upsurge of interest among informed collectors. The number of issues to collect are quite small compared with postage or revenue stamps, but prices are still relatively modest. A fairly complete collection could still be achieved without excessive outlay, although some items remain rather elusive and will show major price increases over the next few years - 1st edition 2013 - 89.95

Switzerland Stamp Catalogue 1st Edition - This new catalogue provides a comprehensive priced listing of the stamps of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and United Nations (Geneva Headquarters). Specimen stamps for Switzerland, League of Nations, International Labour Office and Liechtenstein are now included. SPECIMEN stamps are now listed and priced. A helpful guide included to aid the collector in using the catalogue Contact details are provided for societies with an interest in Switzerland Updated design index for Switzerland and Liechtenstein to aid the collector in identifying their stamps. Information is provided at the beginning of each country, covering history, early stamp issues and currency changes, this information is designed to aid the collector in identifying their stamps and also to provide an historical reference for the stamp listings. Apart from the stamps of the current issuing countries, the Stanley Gibbons Switzerland Catalogue covers a number of other areas of interest: Pro Juventute Charity Stamps International Organisations situated in Switzerland – 1. League of Nations 2. International Labour Office 3. International Bureau of Education 4. World Health Organisation 5. International Refugees Organisation 6. World Meteorological Organisation 7. Universal Postal Union 8. United Nations 9. International Telecommunications Union 10. World Intellectual Property Organisation 11. International Olympic Committee.

New issue listings updated as follows: Switzerland - to March 2019 Liechtenstein – November 2018 United Nations Office at Geneva – March 2017 - glue bound - 9x6 - 217 pg - 64.95

2018 CHINA STAMP CATALOGUE - Part 17 - 12th edition - The catalogue contains detailed and up to date listings of all current stamp issuing countries (China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) as well as many other areas of interest including Japanese Occupation of China, Kiachow, Kwangchow, Manchukuo and Tibet. Prices have been thoroughly revised throughout by leading experts in the field. The Stanley Gibbons China Catalogue is the only catalogue published in English which covers all the stamp issues of China in a single volume. It is a detailed and highly informative catalogue, ideal for any collector who specializes in the stamps of this area. Information is provided at the beginning of each country covering history, early stamp issues and currency changes, this information is designed to aid the collector in identifying their stamps and also to provide an historical reference for the information contained on the stamps. Apart from the stamps of the current issuing countries, the Stanley Gibbons China Catalogue covers a number of other areas of interest:

• Municipal Posts of Treaty Ports • Chinese Empire • Chinese Imperial Post • Chinese Republic • Chinese Provinces • Communist China • Japanese Occupation of China • British Post Offices in China • China Expeditionary Force
• French Post Offices in China • German Post Offices in China • Indo-Chinese Post Offices • Italian Post Office • Japanese Post Offices • Russian Post Offices • United States Postal Agency in Shanghai • Chinese Post Offices in Korea • Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong
• Kiachow • Kwangchow • British Post Office in Macao • Manchukuo • Tibet

Current stamp issuing countries listed and updated in the catalogue include:• People’s Republic of China (listed to April 2018) • Hong Kong (May 2018) • Macao (May 2018) • Taiwan (May 2018) Information is provided at the beginning of each country covering history, early stamp issues and currency changes, this information is designed to aid the collector in identifying their stamps and also to provide an historical reference for the information contained on the stamps - glue bound 9x6 536 pg - 110.95

SOUTH AMERICA STAMP CATALOGUE - Part 20 - 2008 - This is a detailed and highly informative colour catalogue, ideal for any collector who specialises in South America but also of interest to collectors who may have an interest in postal history. Prices are provided for mint and used stamps from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela. Information is provided at the beginning of each country covering history, early stamp issues and currency changes. Apart from stamps of the current issuing countries, it covers a number of other areas of interest, including British Post Offices Abroad, Galapagos Islands, SCADTA stamps, machine Labels and Tierra de Fuego. All major varieties are included, notably perforation, watermark and shade variations, overprint types and major errors - glue bound 11.75x8.5 514pg SOLD

CENTRAL AMERICA STAMP CATALOGUE - Part 15 - 2007 - This catalogue lists and prices mint and used stamps from Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and the stamps of the Canal Zone are included for the first time glue bound 11.75x8.5 410pg - 89.95 SPECIAL $40.00

Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World 2006/07 Volume 2 (D-H),3 (I-M),4 (N-R) still available (email for quote on 20221 editions) - Catalogues covering all the stamps of the world, in FULL COLOUR - 2006/07 editions in stock - 85.00 SPECIAL $45.00 each volume

Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue - print version - 2021 - each volume (based on availability) - The 2021 Scott Catalogues are the 177th edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogues. Each Volume is split into A and B - Two-Book Sets for Easier Use Thousands of Value Changes NEW Stamp Listings Many Editorial Enhancements - illustrations and prices - glue bound 11x8.5 1680+ pg currently 6 volumes + U.S specialized - Retail $210.00 each volume Our Price - $190.00 each volume

The Stamp Bug by Douglas and Mary Patrick is an illustrated introduction to stamp collecting. This is by far the most comprehensive beginner's guide available today. Packed with information on getting started, finding stamps, stamp clubs and much more. This hardcover book is in great condition and contains several colour plates. This is a First Edition! - 1st Edition - b/w illustrations - hardcover 95 pg - 8.00

Postal History and Usage of 1907 and Earlier Precancels by Charles C. Souder - The earliest issues are priced and listed, with much info into their usage - quite comprehensive and detailed, arranged by state, well illustrated, Invaluable - 1st edition - 8.5x5.5 - 296pg - glue bound 25.00

American Iron Hand Presses by Stephen O. Saxe - the invention and development of the iron hand press for printing in America - 1st edition - illustrations - glue bound 10x7 109pg - 25.00

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