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2017 Coins of Canada 35th Ed. - J.A. Haxby & R. C. Willey - A Single-book reference on: Circulating, Collector and Bullion Coins; Pre-confederation Coinage; and Government of Canada Paper Money - J.A. Haxby and R.C. Willey - Editor: Serge Pelletier - Includes: Complete Canadian Decimal coinage, Pre-Confederation Provincial issues, All Canadian Mint silver and gold Collector’s issues, Canadian Colonial tokens, Dominion of Canada banknotes 1867-1935, Bank of Canada paper money 1935 to date, Latest retail market values by grade, Detailed mintage figures and statistics, Much historical background and pertinent information, Condition Grading Guides for Canadian coins, Includes a glossary of numismatic terms - 486 pages - Spiral-Bound Paperback 20.00 SOLD

Unitrade 2012 Haxby Coins of Canada Canadian Coin Catalogue - Just Released New! October 2011 Now In Colour - Coins of Canada is a complete one - volume library of Canadian coins, tokens and paper money, including major varieties. Includes: Complete Canadian decimal coinage and pre-confederation issues; Canadian tokens as well as Dominion of Canada and Bank of Canada paper money. It consists of the latest market values by grade. - Spiral Bound, ENGLISH editions - 381 pages, with COLOUR - 14.00 now $10.00

The Star Rare Coin Encyclopedia by B. Max Mehl - dealing mainly with US and State issued currency, but also listing coins of the world - well worn with some ink markings and staining - still contains valuable reference data that may not be found in current publications - 51st edition - prices with b/w illustrations - used - stains - pen marks on cover and inside - paperback 7x5 208pg 15.00

Canada Newfoundland and Maritimes Coin Catalogue - 2nd edition revised - 1957 - combined edition includes Canadian Die Varieties and Comprehensive Index - part X of the Canadian Coin Catalogue - Carmichael's Stamp and Coin Co. - 58 pg staple bound - 10.00 SOLD

Set of 4 "Selections" from The Numismatist - Hardcover bound editions - 1-Ancient Coins, 2-U.S. Coins, 3-Foreign and 4-Miscellaneous - American Numismatic Association Charles M. Johnson Chairman - Illustrated with hundreds of coin photographs and drawings. Includes dozens of articles reprinted from issues of THE NUMISMATIST 1896-1959. - includes: Selections From the Numismatist. Ancient and Medieval Coins by American Numismatic Association Whitman 1960. First Edition. Hardcover - The articles are arranged by topic: Beginnings of Coinage; Greek coins; Survey of Roman coinage; Republican Roman coinage; Imperial Roman coinage; Later Roman Empire coinage; Coins and currency of Ancient Near East; Some phases of ancient coinage; Money of the Bible; Ancient coin portraiture; Medieval coinage; Ancient and oriental coinage ; United States Coins Selections from The Numismatist, First edition 1960. Hardcover 301 pp. ; Modern Foreign Currency Selections from The Numismatist 1961. First edition. Hardcover. Very Good ; United States Paper Money Tokens Medals and Miscellaneous Selections from The Numismatist - Racine WA: Whitman Publishing Company. 1960. First edition. Hardcover. 317 pp. All very good copies with some toning of page edges, no jackets. Whitman Publishing Company - Set of 4 - $60.00 (for individual editions only - please ask)

Confederate and Southern State Bonds Vol II by Grover C. Criswell - Book with descriptions and photographs of Confederate and Southern bonds by state. Also includes prices. Bonds are issued, not only by businesses, but also by national, state or city governments, or other public bodies, or sometimes by individuals. Bonds are a loan to the company or other body. 1980. Second Edition. Hardcover. Octavo. v, 374 pages. Illustrated with black and white photographs of currency. Gray cloth hardcover with blue title on the front cover and spine. $50.00


Handbook of United States Coins by R. S. Yeoman - with premium list (the average amount dealers will pay for coins) - this can be considered a coin collecting reference book reduced to simple, everyday language - 19th edition - illustrations - used - hardcover 8x5 126pg 15.00

A Guide Book and Catalogue of British Commonwealth Coins, 1649-1971, third edition, Jerome Remick, Somer James, Anthony Dowle, Patrick Finn, includes values, history patterns, proof sets, restikes, die varieties, commemorative, coin medals, tokens, mintages, counterstamped, counterfeits, type numbers. This is useful reference book containing detailed listings along with photographs and line drawings of features of the coins. It also covers many other countries of the British Empire, which may make it attractive to many collectors. There are catalog values for the coins in six grades, though (of course) they are rather dated now. There are many illustrations and notes on the features of the coins of India, so this is an excellent addition to the library of a collector of British India coins. This guidebook and catalog was written to list and evaluate the coinage of all British Commonwealth countries in all countries or areas that were the British Empire or at one time under British protection. It also lists the coinage is of a few countries before they became part of the British Empire such as the South African Republic, German East Africa and German New Guinea and the coinages of other countries after they left the British Commonwealth such as Burma, Israel, Ireland, Rhodesia, the Republic of South Africa and the United States of America. - 1971, printed in Canda, Regency Coin & Stamp, very good condition - hardcover, 5x8, 568 pg - 60.00

Bilodeau Guide to Canadian Tire Cash Bonus Coupons by J. Fourre and L. Levesque - history of Canadian Tire Cash Bonus Coupons and priced listings of all the different series - 6th edition Vol. 1 and also includes the 2007 price list - illustrations - spiral bound 8.5x5.5 almost 200pg 20.00

Strike It Rich with Pocket Change by B. Allen and K. Porter - error coins bring big money and can be found in pocket change, coin purses and coin jars: IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR - this extremely well illustrated coin collecting reference book uses simple, everyday language to help discover treasurers - 1st edition - illustrations - glue bound paperback 9x6 269pg 15.00

The Official Red Book Guide of United States Coins, 2008, R.S. Yeoman. The #1 Best-Selling Book on Coin Prices, Over 21 Million Copies Sold! Identify your coins quickly and easily! Features full-color, actual-size and enlarged photos, with historical details about each piece - some pencil markings from previous owner - 61st edition - colour illustrations - used - spiral bound 8x6 414pg 12.00

The Official Red Book Guide of United States Coins, 2003, R.S. Yeoman. The #1 Best-Selling Book on Coin Prices, Over 20 Million Copies Sold! Identify your coins quickly and easily! Features full-color, actual-size and enlarged photos, with historical details about each piece - some pencil markings from previous owner - 56th edition - colour illustrations - used - spiral bound 8x6 350pg 5.00

Standard Catalog of World Coins, 2002 - Now in its 29th edition, this best selling world coin reference contains more than 2,000 pages and includes every known coin issued during the Twentieth Century. This expanded edition features over a million current market coin prices and 48,000 photos. Complete coverage of world coins and commemorative issues by date and mint since 1901, representing more than 570 coin-issuing authorities, are included. This comprehensive global encyclopedia also includes vital reference material such as foreign exchange rates, identification charts, a complete how-to-use tutorial, coin size chart, and an international numeric guide. More than 50 pages of essential background information provide the necessary tools for beginning and expert collectors. - More than 1,000,000 up-to-date prices of world coins for the entire Twentieth Century - 48,000 clear photos for simple identification and grading assistance - Numismatics’ one-and-only, single volume, world coin book and price reference - used - owner's mark inside cover/front page - Paperback: 2240 pages Publisher: Krause Publications; 29th edition (May 2001) - Product Dimensions: 10.7 x 8.3 x 2.3 inches 35.00

Standard Catalog Of World Coins 1801-1900 - The 3rd edition of this massive book has all 19th century coins conveniently listed by country and denomination in up to five grades. These soft cover books have 1,200 pages with more than 25,000 actual size black and white photos showing both the obverse and reverse for easy identification. This essential volume is the only reference collectors of 19th century coins will need! In this updated and expanded edition, collectors and dealers will find identification and accurate pricing for every known 19th century coin, in five grades of condition. All prices have been analyzed and updated to reflect the most recent shifts in today?s market. Heavily illustrated with over 25,000 photos, most actual size, this guide makes identification of any coin listed a simple task. It also includes up-to-date figures for all foreign exchange rates and precious metals values. This catalog?s easy-to-use format is alphabetical according to country of issue. Collectors of all levels will easily navigate through the volumes of information with the user's guide and helpful charts - used - owner's mark inside cover/front page - Paperback: 1312 pages Publisher: Krause Publications; Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.4 x 2.4 inches 35.00 SOLD

Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money The 17th Edition of the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money was released at the Canadian Numismatic Association convention in Toronto, July 2004. New listings have been added, keeping the book up to date with recent issues and modern insert note discoveries. Listings for the 1937 Bank of Canada issue have been expanded, with separate entries for prefix varieties issued in lower quantities. Reflecting the vibrantly healthy state of this growing hobby, almost all price changes have been in the positive direction, with very few downward corrections. In previous editions of the book, the "stars" were usually the 1935 first Bank of Canada notes, showing the largest price increases. This year, however, they have been somewhat eclipsed by replacement notes. While the 1935 issues continue their inexorable rise in value, some replacement note entries have increased by 100% or even more. Although they remain controversial, many of the modern "insert" replacement notes have likewise increased significantly in value.
Dominion notes have shown stronger and more broadly based advances than they have for several years. Uncirculated Princess Patricia $1 notes in particular have moved sharply higher. Some of the early provincial treasury notes, which remained static through several editions, have moved upward. Notes issued by the Newfoundland government have remained stable, with modest increases affecting top grade black and white cash notes. It has been determined that the Keating-Brownrigg signature combination on 1920 treasury notes is scarcer than had been thought, resulting in increased values for them. The emergence of the 1937 Bank of Canada issue from its former lethargy is quite striking. As the 1935 notes increasingly become priced out of reach of many collectors, attention appears to be turning to the 1937 series, as indicated by price increases across most varieties and conditions. Special number notes remain popular, and prices have again moved ahead for many low number, radar and ladder listings. Among error notes, one new type has been listed and illustrated, having the bar code absent from the back of the note. Notes showing signature errors have generally increased in value - 360 pages, in 51⁄2" x 8 1⁄2" page format - used - some light pencil notes inside -spiral binding

Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins - 62nd Edition - officially released at the Canadian Numismatic Association convention in Niagara Falls, July 13, 2007. Two major trends are unfolding in Canadian numismatics, one is the renewed interest in variety collecting, the other is the growing interest in high grade modern coins. The 62nd edition of Canadian Coins is tracking both these trends. The Varieties Section covers 100 pages on Victoria twenty-five cents. The modern coins are covered by the utilization of a series of pricing tables first introduced last year in the 61st edition. The die varieties are straight forward, it is the modern issues that have become one of the most confusing sections of Canadian Numismatics. This all began in 1954 when the Royal Canadian Mint offered a six-coin set with a superior finish (superior to the circulating coins of the day) to collectors. There was a reluctance on the part of the Mint to assign a name to their new offering. This reluctance was never really overcome, however, in the Annual Mint Report for the year 1961 they mention uncirculated coin sets are now sold in sealed plastic containers. Over fifty years later the description of the offering has not changed, but the quality of the coins in the offering has varied greatly. This variation in quality between coins sold to collectors, or coins produced for circulation did not exist in the silver era, but in 1968 with the substitution of nickel, the difference between circulating and non-circulating began to blur. We have a problem in that a collector who wishes mint state business strikes for their collection cannot distinguish mint state uncirculated coins from those removed from packaged sets issued by the Mint. It has fallen to the Canadian Grading Services to find a solution to this problem for it is their responsibility when asked by a collector to correctly identify and grade submitted coins. They have to identify and name the finish on the coin: Mint State Business Strike (CLT), Mint State from packaged sets (NCLT), Specimen or Proof. There are two grading companies in Canada, and both have a different terminology when grading coins. When describing coins removed from uncirculated sets from the Mint, ICCS uses the term Numismatic BU, while CCCS uses UNC. The market place eventually will decide which term it will accept. For the present time The Charlton Press has built into the pricing tables for modern coins (1968-2007) two mint state blocks. The first deals with business strikes MS-63 C, MC-64 C and MS-65 C, with the C signifying circulating coinage (CLT). The second block covers MS-65 NC, MS-66 NC and MS-67 NC, with the NC signifying non-circulating (NCLT). The variation in the grade range between the two blocks underlines the scarcity factor between high grade business strikes and high grade Mint product. Note on Grading Services We have centred on Canadian Grading Services for the sole reason they offer a product more suitable for the Canadian collector. The United States services do an excellent job, but for economic reasons which are very valid, do not deal with the idiosyncrasies of the Canadian market - used - some owner's pencil marks inside - Spiral-bound - 480 pages - Publisher: Charlton Press; 62nd edition (July 13, 2007) Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 6.8 x 1 inches 18.00 SOLD

Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money 1963. 11th Edition. used - hard cover. 126pg 8.00

1999/2000 Millennium Quarter Varieties - A guide to varieties in the production of the 1999 and 2000 Millennium quarters by the Royal Canadian Mint. - used - some light pencil notes inside - Page edges a bit toned - Soft cover, spiral bound, 127pp, illustrated. 15.00 SOLD OUT

Canadian Error Coins - An Introduction - by Terry A. Campbell - pages a bit toned - staple bound - 64pg - 8 x 5 25.00

Canadian Coin Variety Catalog – Including Newfoundland. Hans Zoell. wonderful photographic illustrations (b/w) - classic reference - Second edition 1962-63. Hobby Publishing. Regina. 8x5 119 pages. - used - Softcover staple bound 15.00 SOLD

Guide Book of Canadian Coins, Paper Currency and Tokens 1700-1962 by H.C. Taylor and Somer James - 2nd edition - worn - illustrations and prices - used - spiral bound 8x5 224pg 5.00

Canadian Coins, Tokens, and Paper Money - by Will Gandley - images of Canadian minted coins, tokens, and paper money, with discussion and valuation; accurate pricing, all major varieties, patterns, essais, test tokens, fully illustrated throughout - owner's mark inside - 8.5"x5.5". 108+ pages coil bound - 5.00

The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Tire Cash Bonus Coupons - by Ross W. Irwin - The latest in collectables. Two hundred gas bar and store coupons produced by Canadian Tire since 1958 are described, illustrated and priced in three grades. This catalogue also includes a history of the Canadian Tire Corporation and information on the pricing and grading of coupons - Paperback: 72 pages - Publisher: Charlton Pr; 2 edition (March 1996) - Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 10.00

Coins and Collectors by Q. David Bowers - history of coin collecting in America - 1st edition - illustrations - used - hardcover 8x5 214pg 15.00

Guide Book of Canadian Coins, Paper Currency and Tokens 1700-1962 by H.C. Taylor and Somer James - 4th edition - illustrations and prices - used - glue bound 8x5 224pg 5.00

Coins of Canada by J. A. Haxby and R. C. Willey. Lists all Canadian circulation coinages and collector issues, investors' bullion coins, coins of the French regime, pre-confederation colonial coinages, colonial tokens, dominion of Canada notes, Bank of Canada notes 1867-1935, Bank of Canada notes 1935-1995 plus bullion values of Canadian and world coins. (includes prices) - 13th edition - illustrations and prices - glue bound 8x5 247pg 5.00

Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of United States Coins by the publishers of Coin World. All coins and tokens struck for the 13 coloniesand all pieces imported for colonial use, early state and local coinages of the Revolutionary era, all regular issues of the U.S. Mint in copper, bronze, copper-nickel, silver and gold, all pioneer and private gold coins and trial pieces from 1830-1861 (includes prices) ex-libris edition (some labels) - 1990 edition - illustrations and prices - hardcover 6x9 456pg 15.00

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