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Stamps for Collectors

Due to the number of shows and online auctions we participate in, availability of all items listed on the web site are subject to prior sale. Email to confirm availability.

We carry stamp from around the world and will continue to include more countries here as the pages become available.

To check availablity or to submit a want-list for any unlisted country, just CLICK HERE and we will reply as soon as we can!

Field Guide to the Cinderella Stamps of Canada

Unitrade Canada Specialized

Steel Engraved Constant Plate Varieties

Canada Tagged Errors



COVERS for Collectors

Selection of covers from around the world - including Stampless, early postal history, modern, RPO, special events.........

Canada First Day Covers


CANADA -Mint (click on any link to see the specialized listing)


Plate Blocks,

Airmail, Semi-Official Air, Special Delivery, Registration,

Postage Due,

Mint Canada War Tax, OHMS Perfin and 'G' Stamps,



CANADA -Used (click on any link to see the specialized listing)


Airmail,Special Delivery, Registration, Postage Due, War Tax


Canada Yearbooks

Canada First Day Covers


Canada Varieties Pg 1 (#1 - #399)

Canada Varieties Pg 2 (#400 - #599)

Canada Varieties Pg 3 (#600 - #799)

Canada Varieties Pg 4 (#800 - 1099)

Canada Varieties Pg 5 (#1100 - #1400)

Canada Varieties Pg 6 (#1500 - current)

Canada Varieties Pg 7 (Back-of-the-book, + Booklets + Provinces)


Stamps of the world (Canada, British Commonwealth, Worldwide) plus collections and supplies



COMMONWEALTH (click on any link to see the specialized listing)


New Zealand

**Assorted British Commonwealth Countries** (*NEW*)


WORLD (click on any link to see the specialized listing)


Faroe Islands, (*NEW*)

Germany, DDR, German States, Berlin




St. Pierre and Miquelon,

**Assorted Worldwide Countries** (*NEW*)

U.S.A. Stamps

U.S.A. Yearbooks and Souvenir pages ,

Rattlesnake Island Local Issues,

EFO Super Specials


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